"Mount Place" Jericho, Oxford

"Mount Place" Jericho, Oxford

Online publisher, software engineer, marketing and project manager by day; photographer in free time. Enjoying my profession(s) and my hobby or should I better name it an obsession I felt the need to create my space on the web that is not Flicker or a stock agency and where I can showcase a little bit more intimately what I do in respects to photography.

As I just published this site the content is scarce so bare with me, more is on the way. The important thing is to get the ball rolling. I will be uploading more showcases of my work and more articles on daily basis and hope to settle the frequency down to weekly updates as soon as I feel I reached critical mass.

If you’re really that interested do befriend me on Facebook or Flickr.

If you just want to get in touch then please do send me an email on ignovakovic@gmail.com.